VBS and Southeast Summer Enrichment Program!

Hi Everyone!

If your child was able to come to VBS this past week or if your teenager helped out- Thank you! We had an awesome week! We had a blast learning about how God made us, listens to us, watches over us and how He loves us no matter what. We had several kids give their hearts to Jesus this week..which makes all of the planning and preparation more than worth it.

Our kids at Bethel raised over $1,000 to buy school supplies and backpacks for children who need them in our community. We have already bought and distributed 60 backpacks at the close of our Southeast Summer Enrichment Program. Our teens also donated money to buy all of the kids at Southeast Bibles to take home with them! It is an incredible experience to see God working through our young people at Bethel!

On Sunday night we will be using part of the service time to talk about our outreach project at Southeast and also about Bethel’s VBS. The kids from Bethel will be singing some of the songs they learned this week and we will be giving a recap of the week at Bethel. We will also be showing some video footage from Southeast and we will have two special guest from Southeast with us!  Hope to see everyone there! 

By the way, if you need a good laugh and you are on Facebook you have to check out the video of me and Brick throwing pies at each other 🙂




Kidz prayz missions trip!

Sunday Day 1

What a trip!!!  The kids were extremely well behaved on the bus, we didn’t even have to stop one time!  We arrived at Horse Branch Church, the children then got dressed and ready to start the program.  The program began at 6, the kids sang the best they have done so far.  We ate dinner at the Children’s home with church members and the children and staff who live there.  Our kids were very well behaved, and many people commented on them.  We finished our night at the hotel where we had very excited children!

Monday Day 2

We woke up and headed to the children’s home which was about 20 minutes away.  When we arrived at the children’s home our children listened very well for their instructions.  The boys helped move branches, brush and lots of sticks to a burn pile.  They also washed several vehicles and shucked corn.  Our girls helped clean out and organize  a storage shed and some girls baby sat for the dorm parents so they could get some things done.  After lunch our boys played a game of baseball with the other children and the girls got to swim with the girls from the home.  I can’t say it enough of how impressed all of us were that our children never left any one out and how well they interacted with others.
 We got to attend VBS at Horse Branch church after dinner.  What a great program and what wonderful people at the church.  We were all  exhausted from a very productive day!!  It was hard to say good bye to our new friends at the children’s home!!


Tuesday Day 3

On Tuesday our children were very excited,. The boys went to the Darlington Racetrack and our girls went to the mall in Florence.  We went swimming at the Beaslly’s also.   They fed us lunch, and what wonderful godly people, so nice and helpful!!!  Our children were so well behaved everywhere we went and in everything we did, you all should be very proud of them!!!  I am very thankful to have been part of such a wonderful trip with such a great group of kids.

Nancy Gaskill

P.S. Pictures of the Kidz Prayz Missions Trip will be posted soon!

FUGE Mega relay!!

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The biggest recreational event of FUGE is Mega Relay (which is just another name for organized chaos)! If your teens went to camp then they have probably told you a little about it. I thought you might enjoy some pictures from Mega Relay. There were over 1,400 teens on the recreation field and all of our teens were mixed in with different groups…. Read more.

Fuge days four and five

Happy Monday Everyone!

I wanted to finish recapping the week of FUGE camp. I hope that if your teens went on the trip you have had the chance to talk to them about everything they learned and all of the activities they participated in.

On Thursday night Sammy preached on the passage in Mark 2 when four friends brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. Sammy talked about how these friends stopped at nothing to get their friend to the Healer- they even lowered him through the rooftop! He encouraged the teens to share Jesus with their friends and to never be too busy to help meet the needs of people. Sammy shared a personal story about a wreck he was involved in after graduating from college. He and a friend were traveling home in some snow and he lost control of his car. His car flipped several times and  he was not hurt but his friend’s arm was badly broken. They waited by the side of the road for someone to stop to help them but everyone just drove by slowly and waved. After a couple of hours they decided to start walking to see if they could find any help. Well, you can imagine his excitement when the first place they came upon was a church with a full parking lot! An older gentlemen answered the door and Sammy explained his situation. The man responded by telling Sammy that they were busy attending to church business and did not have the time to help. Sammy encouraged the teens and the adults to never get so busy “doing church” that we forget to “be the church.” We should always be looking for ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to meet the needs of people.

During the church group devotion one of the teens made the comment that he needed to “stop just waving as people pass by and start meeting their needs.” Interesting observation for a 7th grader!

On Friday night the service was on Matthew 18:21-35. This passage is where Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive a brother who sins against him. Jesus answers with “Not 7 times but 70 times 7 times.” (Basically, you shouldn’t be keeping a count.). Sammy said that as  believers who have been forgiven over and over and over again we should always be quick to extend forgiveness to those who hurt us. “If you don’t extend grace, you don’t know grace.” He told another interesting story that I can’t help but share on the blog because I was challenged by it.

One of Sammy’s friends owns a construction business and he also runs a prison ministry. When a prisoner is released from prison this man gives them a job in his construction business if the prisoner has become a believer and showed true life change. Sammy had a small fire at his house and needed  a little bit of work done so he called his friend who sent over a few new workers who had just been released from prison. Sammy started up a conversation with one of the men and it turned out that he had been convicted of murder and in prison for 26 years (not exactly the way Sammy saw the conversation going!).  This guy had murdered his best friend over a girl. This former prisoner went on to share his story with Sammy. Every month to three months from the time he was convicted the parents of his best friend came to visit him. On the first visit they extended their love and forgiveness to this man who had murdered their son. Half way through his time in prison he became a believer. When he was released from prison he went to their house and asked them why they had been so faithful to visit  him and why they had forgiven him for murdering their son. They responded by sharing their testimony of God’s grace in their lives and that because of His grace they are able to extend grace in even the toughest situations.

During church group devotion we talked about why it is so hard for us to forgive people that have hurt us. The teens then prayed together.

Hopefully that encourages and challenges you as much as it did us!


P.S. Look for a Mega-Relay post soon!

fuge day two and three

Hello all!

I’m going to start out by just being completely honest, I am starting to get a little concerned about the boys. There is a rumor going around about some late night wrestling in the guys rooms (I’m sure that my husband is in no way encouraging this…I’m being sarcastic because I’m almost positive it was his idea in the first place..) They are also doing something they call “ghost walking.” If you don’t know what that is ask them about it when they get home..I’ll let them explain. My only concern about the girls is their increasing intake of vending machine food, but it wouldn’t really be summer camp without a little late night junk food!

We are all having a blast. The teens chose “tracks” on Monday that they have been participating in. Some of the teens chose hiking so Matt, Brick, Stephen and some of the teens went on a hike today. They said it was quite a hike but that it was such an awesome view once they made it to the top of the mountain. Some of the teens have been participating in aerobics, basketball, dodgeball, table games and even taking classes on world religions. Two of our guys signed up for aerobics and I find it so funny that they are still complaining about being 2 of 6 guys in a room full of 30 girls. Secretly, I think they knew that would be the case before they signed up 😉

On a more serious note, the service tonight and last night have both been wonderful for the teens and the adults. Last night Sammy Nuckolls talked about Rahab. He talked about how God used Rahab in the geneology of Christ despite her past. He pointed out how she affirmed her belief in God and then acknowledged His supreme authority (Joshua 2:11). Sammy encouraged the teens to “shed the labels” they may currently have and allow God’s grace to rescue them and use them in anyway He chooses.

Tonight Sammy talked about Shammah (yeah, I wasn’t sure who he was either..). Shammah’s story is found in 2 Samuel 23:11-12. Sammy talked about how Shammah defeated the Philistines and “the Lord worked a great victory” through him. He encouraged the teens to do something significant with their lives for the Lord. He gave them three pieces of advice:

1. Start where you are. (Today is the day that the Lord has given us- do something NOW!)

2. Use what you have.

3. Do what you can.

Sammy referred to the story of  the woman who annointed Jesus with expensive perfume. She used what she had and she did what she could- and her story is still told time and time again. Personally, I was very challenged by the message and so were the teens.

Everything else the teens did today centered around relating to authority. The main passage was from Matthew 14 when Jesus and Peter walked on the water. Tonight in church group devotion Brick led us in a discussion about authority figures in our lives and how we relate to them. The teens were very open and we had a great discussion and prayer time together.

Please keep praying for us. Pray that the kids will gain a deeper understanding of how “alive and active” the Word of God is.

I will be posting pictures tomorrow during my free time so check back.

Thanks for letting us hang out with your awesome teens this week, they have all been so respectful and well behaved- you should be proud!



FUGE Day One

Greetings from the beautiful Ridgecrest, NC!

And I do mean BEAUTIFUL! Not to make anyone jealous but it is currently 67 degrees, sunny and gorgeous here at Black Mountain.

 I thought you might enjoy a quick post just to let you know that we have arrived safely and everyone is pumped about being here. Around 3:00 yesterday the bus pulled into Ridgecrest Conference Center where we were immediately attacked by crazy people with purple wigs and water guns! It turns out that those crazy people are the same people leading your kids through camp this week (you can relax..I’ll make sure that no teens come home with purple hair..). We unloaded the bus and the girls checked into what feels like a 5 star hotel. Seriously. I’m not sure about where the boys are staying, but us girls have it made for the week- we even have housekeeping!

Last night we had an opening celebration which included a time of praise and worship with Rush of Fools and an introduction to the week by the speaker, Sammy Nuckolls. Sammy Nuckolls opened the week by talking about when Jesus called Matthew to “follow Him”  in Matthew 9:9. The teens were then put into Bible Study groups where they met their group leader for the week. Then we met together as a youth group for church group devotion where Matt led everyone through a time of prayer and encouraged the teens to really focus on God and what He wants to teach them while we are here at camp this week.  

Please be praying for the teens while we are here. Pray that they will encounter Jesus and learn what it truly means to “Follow Him.”

I will be updating the blog when I have some free time during the week so check back later for more posts and pictures!